Minggu, 25 November 2012

North Sumatra

Hello , friends . In this time I would like to tell you about the interest place that you can visit in North Sumatra , Indonesia .

The first place you will arrive here  if you take plane is Polonia,North Sumatra Airport .
But if you here by ship , the first place you will arrive here is Belawan,North Sumatra harbour .

The travel place that you can visit here are :

First , that's PRAPAT , Lake Toba .
Here you can find the beautiful view of lake . Beside it , there are also an island name , Samosir . In samosir  , you can buy many souvenir that have the Lake Toba characteristic . Like , the scarf , clothes , frame , and many kind of traditional food . You can also watch the Sigale - Gale dance .

Second , that's Brastagi , Karo Land .
This is one of the beautiful place  that you can find in North Sumatra , the air here is very clean and cold , because it is surrounded by the  beautiful jungle .
This place is also famous of the vegetables , and fruits .
We also can find the "Piso" waterfall here . To reach this waterfall,we must walk down by foot .   

Third, that's Lau Debuk Debuk .
Most of the Berastagi visitor will visit here too .
Here's the place where you can find the tears of hot water come out from the current of the Lava in South slope of Sibayak Mountain. And then that hot water retains falling in one pool. This hot tears can kill many desease that make our body irittation , or itchyness . You can find this village about 10 km from Bandar Baru (Before Berastagi) and about 2 km from Berastagi City and to be exact located in slope of Sibayak Mountain that have high about 2100 m from surface of the sea.

Forth , Simalem Resort , Brastagi .
This is the beautiful place , that can see the view of Toba Lake .
You will have to spend 2,5 hours traveling using bus or private transportation from Medan. It’s only 45 minutes from Berastagi. Taman Simalem Resort is  located Km 9, Jalan Raya Merek – Sidikalang .

This place have 4 zone which is the branch of the " fountain of wealth " such as :

Pangambatan Valley
Located to the west of the region, we can see the oil and Passion Biwa, flower nursery center (flower nursery), lodges by the river for a picnic (riverside place), handicrafts and outward bound and recreation locations.

Farm & Mart .
In the east there are the simalem Karo Agrotourism Farm & Mart,  there is a research, development and sale of flowers, fruits and vegetables. Vegetables grown in vegetable gardens can be our own choosing, and then we pay in Agro Mart. You can also find Sidikalang coffee , which is famous of its taste.

Amphitheater .

Facilities of the most interesting and unique that there are in the region was "Amphitheater", which is an open-air theater stage as if the location right on the shore of Lake Toba. Its location is very beautiful, the audience will see a platform with a view of Lake Toba in the background. From some time to visit this theater, I saw the manager to make changes to the edge of the stage overlooking the lake. Formerly the edge of the stage lined transparent glass so that the stage looks together with the lake. Perhaps for security reasons now edge of the stage lined with stone walls of glass accentuate the fixed intervals. According to the information I got unfortunately until now has not been done this show at Amphitheater.

Codon Codon Cafe .

To the south of this region codons Cafe are commonly used as a starting point for tourists who will do trekking into twin waterfalls. Interestingly from the toilet in Codon Codon Cafe we can see Lake Toba as the outer wall toilet made of transparent glass. Other facilities include a camping ground on the shore of the river which is equipped with a toilet and bathroom. Then there are the twin waterfalls are used as the final destination of one lane of the four lane trekking trekking contained Simalem Park Resort .

Buddist temple

The last one to the north, there are Buddhist Temple which is currently under development, is a temple with a Chinese temple architecture. Other facilities to be built in this area is a guest house.

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